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Please support Space-Base DF9 on Fig!

Not really, of course, but what if it had been? Space-Base DF9 was released by Double Fine on Early Access on 27th Oct, 2014, with an ambitious and exciting list of planned features. By Sep 17th, 2014 they decided to pull the plug, … Continue reading

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Steam Refund System: Advantages For Devs

As the dev negativity about Steam offering refunds continues, I thought I’d list a few of the many advantages to devs of the refund system. Enjoy! 1) More pleasant forums It’s always been said that Steam forums are unpleasant hostile places. … Continue reading

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The Greater Good (The Greater Good!) re: Piracy and Steam Refunds

I’ve noticed something a few times in the past, and it always puzzles me a little. This has been brought back into my thoughts due to the recent Steam refunds goings on, and the weirdly negative reaction its received from a … Continue reading

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Where Bethesda/Valve Went Wrong With Premium Mods

There has been a lot said already about the whole paid-mods lately. As an indie developer who came from the modding scene I have many thoughts, many conflicting thoughts, on the subject. I have both fears and hopes about what … Continue reading

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The Last Great Plight Of Humanity

There is a great evil in our times. Innocent people who just want to browse the internet in peace are made to suffer greatly on a daily basis, and we must bring a stop to it before it’s too late. … Continue reading

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Behavior trees for AI: How they work

Introduction While there are plenty of behaviour tree tutorials and guides around the internet, when exploring whether they would be right for use in Project Zomboid, I ran into the same problem again and again. Many of the guides I … Continue reading

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